Genius Hour update

As you already know, I am working on a genius hour for school. My topic is about special needs kids and how they shouldn’t be treated differently because something if different with them from you and I. I have accomplished a lot. I have created a website for my genius hour. The link is, You can visit my website and learn about everything I am doing in my genius hour.  On this website, you can find and read about many different types of things that kids with special needs have that makes them different.

My genius hour project is some what easy for me because I have a cousin with special needs and I know what her daily life is like. Lately my cousin found out that she has Bell’s Palsy. This has been a big impact on my genius hour. I found a new type of special need someone can have or get. Since she has Bell’s Palsy, I can learn a lot about Bell’s palsy. I have never heard of Bell’s Palsy before she was diagnosed with it. I encourage you to come and read all about my genius hour.

My goal for my website is to  have at least 50 people come and visit my website. I would eventually like it to be seen worldwide. That may take a long time. All I really want out of it is to have kids and maybe even adults with special needs be treated as if they didn’t have whatever they have that makes them different from you and me.

College Visit

For my college visit, I visited Simpson University in Indianola, Iowa. On this visit, we got to tour some parts of the campus and then we ate lunch in the school cafeteria. The food was very good. This school is very small compared to colleges I have been to before. I don’t see myself going to this college because its a small campus and its to close to my family! Some kids go away to college to get away from there parents and i want to get away from mine. Then again, I will miss my family when I go away to college.

Simpson has over 80 majors and minors. To get into this college you must have a counselor recommendation form filled out with your application. You also must have all of your test scores sent to the college so that the can see how there grades are. One of  Simpsons majors is Music. On our tour, we went into a dinning hall and the director of music talked to us about the college and the music department.

In the future, I don’t see myself going to this college. Only because I have been dreaming of attending Iowa University. I really want to got to college to become a doctor. My aunt was a doctor and she has said she loved her job and I want that same thing for my job!


Special Needs Kids

You may ask why I named the title of this blog as “Special Needs Kids”. I named this blog “Special Needs Kids” because my topic is on how to make special needs kids feel like a normal person. They have feelings that are different than ours and its important to me that everyone is treated the same and feel the same. This topic is important to me because I have a cousin who has special needs and she means the world to me.

During this project I hope to get people to see how special needs kids feel different then us. I also plan to accomplish a way for special needs kids feel not different and make them feel good about themselves! In the long run, it may stop bullying. You never know what the world has in store for us.  Throughout this project I plan to measure my goals by talking to special needs kids and also talk to the people in their lives. BY talking to them I hope to see how their daily lives are and what they feel like.


So Long, Farewell

How many posts have I written for the Student Challenge? 7 posts (not including this one) All of my post that I have posted is all student posts. Through out the Student Challenge, I have gotten 5 comments on my blogs. My blog that has the most comments is the the blog that is describing if I’m different or the same online and offline. The post that I enjoyed writing is Raise Your Voice. I enjoyed it because I got to write about something in my life that means a lot to me and is someone special in my life. No I didn’t change my blog theme because I never had time to change it.  I had 2 students from overseas on my blog roll. Some sites i used in my blogs is google images, Flickr, Wikipedia, and other  sites using google.

My first impression of the blog was that I thought she chose a good theme and her posts were well written and organized. The first thing that caught my attention when I looked at her blog site was her most recent post. Nothing on her blog distracted me, everything that I saw was there to make it easier to view her post or find something that the viewer is looking for. I can’t think of any suggestions for the blog, I thought that everything looked good and was well written/organized.  I really enjoyed all of the challenges this year. I’m glad we did these. I hope we get to do these again in March. See you then!

Week 7: Nature


For week 7 I decided to write about fall and how in the fall the leaves change colors. Fall is my favorite season. Not only is the different colors of leaves but its fun to see all the different colors before winter comes and all you see is white stuff. The thing that sucks about fall is that there is a lot of leaves on the ground that have to be picked up before winter comes. Its always fun to jump in the leave piles while your parents continue to rake the leaves. If I had to pick a season that is my favorite it would be fall. Fall is the season I was born in. Babies born in October through November are most likely to live in their 100’s.  Fall is also when Thanksgiving is. I love Thanksgiving time because you get to eat a lot of yummy food like Pumpkin pie. (Pumpkin pie is my favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving!) During Thanksgiving, my family eats a lot of food and we hang around each other and talk and catch up on whats been going on in our lives. We usually have both ham and turkey because our family is so big and we use it for leftovers. When we have leftovers, we use them when we have eggs or we will have ham and turkey sandwiches for lunch. We have two different Thanksgivings, we have one with my moms family and my dads family. When we have Thanksgiving with my dads family, My grandma makes my dad and I our own pumpkin pie. I love my Grandma’s pumpkin pie. She makes the best pies. I don’t know what I would do if she didn’t make them for me. I love fall because its my favorite season. I also like fall because I love Thanksgiving and spending time with my family. Some of these facts that are in here are from this website:

thanksgivingPicture links-

Visiting other peoples blogs

One site i visited is a girl from the US and is 12 years old. She likes volleyball. She plays middle front. She is a big One Direction fan. Her url is http://carrie2015.edublogs.orgShe has a cat named Leeanna. She did a very good job by writing her blog so that others can read it and understand what she is writing about.

The second site i visited is a boy who is 10. He is from New Zealand. He talks about his choir that he is in and how they travel to Australia and they switch every other year. Which means the Australian choir comes to New Zealand. He likes to play cricket. He is url is He does a very good job of explaining things.

The third site i visited is of a girl from the United States. She is 9. She loves horses. Her favorite food is pizza. I like her blog and how it is set up!  Her url is

The fourth site i visited is about a boy who lives in Oregon.  He likes math, reading, and P.E.  He is interested in sports. He is very athletic. I like how he is very outgoing and telling him about himself. His url is

The fifth site i visited is about a girl from Kansas City. She is 10 years old. She likes to play tennis. She has no siblings. Only a dog named Tilly.  I like how she writes on her blog. Her url is

The sixth site i visited is about a 10 year old boy.  He lives in the US. He likes to play soccer. He is very good at art. I like his blog posts. His url is

My seventh site i visited is about a 10 year old girl who loves cats. Went to Great wolf lodge for her birthday with her friend. I like her picture of her cat. Her url is

The eight site I visited is about a 11 year old boy. He lives in Australia. The #1 food in Australia is a BBQ Prawns. They are prawns smothered in BBQ sauce. One thing I liked about his blog is that he has great information about his home country. His blog url is


The ninth blog I visited is about a 12 year old girl who lives in the US. She likes to play video games and she likes technology. Her favorite thing to do is play scary video games. One thing I like about her blog is that she writes nicely. Her url is

MY last  site I visited is about a 13 year old boy who is from Thailand. He likes to play soccer and game(I don’t know what that is can someone tell me what that is?) His favorite time with his family is when they watch movies about Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. One thing I liked about his blog is he is very creative about his writing. His url to his blog is






Famous American Food

In America, one of our most popular foods is french fries.  You can get them at any fast food restaurant.  When you go to a restaurant an order french fries, a medium box of french fries contains 17 grams of fat.  A McDonald’s restaurant uses 7% of United States potatoes to make french fries. French fries were introduced to the United States when Thomas Jefferson was president in 1801. Each year people eat around 16 pounds of french fries. That is a lot of french fries if you ask me. In 2007, 320 million tons of potatoes were produced. 2/3 of these potatoes were consumed of food. When eating french fries, your blood pressure can be lowered because of a chemical, kukoamines, in the potato. There’s different types of fries. There is curly, regular, stake, sweet potato, and waffle fries. You cook fries by deep frying them. They are most now for the “BFF” to ketchup.

picture by stu_spivack

picture by stu_spivack



A way i celebrate Halloween is my family and I always carve pumpkins.  When we carve our pumpkins, we take the seeds out and we bake them. When we do this we put different seasonings on them to make them taste better. This year we did something different though Instead of caving the pumpkins, we melted crayons on the pumpkin. It turned out really cool. I got a white pumpkin so my pumpkin looks very cool with all the different colors.

Another thing we do for Halloween  is we take my little cousins trick or treating. I usually help them put their candy in their bag and tell them what to say because they are shy. It’s really fun to see all the kids in their costumes. Sometimes the kids will see another kid with the same costume and they will get upset or they think its cool they are wearing the same thing. These are my Halloween traditions. Maybe you can do this one year for  Halloween.

My Family

My family and I went on a big vacation in March of 2014. We took a vacation to Florida. When we were in Florida, we flew into Orlando and we stayed there for 5 days. Our third day into the trip, we went to Clearwater, Florida. While we where in Clearwater, we went to the aquarium where the dolphin form dolphin tale is held. We got to see the dolphin. the dolphin was very shy. When we were done at the aquarium, we went to some of my moms family members house to see them and have a little family reunion.



On our fifth day in Orlando, we drove to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we stayed for 2 days. We were in Florida for a total of 7 days. When our 7 days in Florida were over, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas. On this cruise ship, there was 9 floors. We ended up staying on the 7th and 8th floors. This was the best part of the vacation. The cruise took a day and a night to get there. We were in the Bahamas for 5 days. During these 5 days we did a lot of touring the city. We went to Freeport, Bahamas. We got to try a lot of things we have never experienced before.

This vacation was my first time being out of the united states. It was a very great experience to get to see. This was my all time favorite vacation that i took with my family!I bet i know something you don’t know about the Bahamas. What does the colors on their flag stand for? Please comment what you think it means, but i won’t tell you the answer if you are wrong but i will tell you if you are right!



Raise Your voice

The most important thing to to do is don’t judge people. I have a cousin who was born with some difficulties. When her mom was pregnant with her, they think she had a seizure in the womb. When she was born they told her mom that she would never be able to walk, talk, or do anything that you can think of that you do in your daily life. She proved the doctors that they were wrong. She to this day amazes me on how she tries her best to be like a normal person. She never lets her disabilities affect her daily life.

When I see how all the kids are with her, it makes me want to cry. These people are the people who don’t judge people and this is what i would like to see all around the world. Everyday in school, I see kids make fun of kids that need a little extra help or have something wrong with them.  Sometimes when you are sitting in class and are daydreaming, you could think of ways to stand up to the kids that bully, tease or even make fun of the kids who are different from you. Just because they are different from you doesn’t give you the right to not treat them like a human being. It’s just not right. It’s plain out rude and disrespectful. Just think about this for a minute, how would you feel if you are like them in a way? I bet it never even crossed you mind on how you would feel.

By being a good person you could be doing the littlest thing ever and you probably son’t even know about it. When you stick up for people or kids who are getting bullied or getting picked on, it means so much to them. With special needs kids, it means the world to them by letting them know you are there friend and you will be there for them when they need you. I know this because every time my cousin has something going on, she always tells me or someone and they help her with it. Even if it is the littlest thing, it ALWAYS puts a smile on her face. I would not be able to live with myself if i didn’t see her beautifully big smile everyday I get to see her.

I would never trade anything in the world for her. I love her so much and I absolutely love how nice, kind, and generous people are to her. She can be annoying sometimes or even just a little obnoxious but no matter what is going on EVERYONE has time for her. This is what everyone should for the kids who are a little different than us. Raise your voice to people that judge others. You can make a big difference in our schools and communities.