Raise Your voice

The most important thing to to do is don’t judge people. I have a cousin who was born with some difficulties. When her mom was pregnant with her, they think she had a seizure in the womb. When she was born they told her mom that she would never be able to walk, talk, or do anything that you can think of that you do in your daily life. She proved the doctors that they were wrong. She to this day amazes me on how she tries her best to be like a normal person. She never lets her disabilities affect her daily life.

When I see how all the kids are with her, it makes me want to cry. These people are the people who don’t judge people and this is what i would like to see all around the world. Everyday in school, I see kids make fun of kids that need a little extra help or have something wrong with them.  Sometimes when you are sitting in class and are daydreaming, you could think of ways to stand up to the kids that bully, tease or even make fun of the kids who are different from you. Just because they are different from you doesn’t give you the right to not treat them like a human being. It’s just not right. It’s plain out rude and disrespectful. Just think about this for a minute, how would you feel if you are like them in a way? I bet it never even crossed you mind on how you would feel.

By being a good person you could be doing the littlest thing ever and you probably son’t even know about it. When you stick up for people or kids who are getting bullied or getting picked on, it means so much to them. With special needs kids, it means the world to them by letting them know you are there friend and you will be there for them when they need you. I know this because every time my cousin has something going on, she always tells me or someone and they help her with it. Even if it is the littlest thing, it ALWAYS puts a smile on her face. I would not be able to live with myself if i didn’t see her beautifully big smile everyday I get to see her.

I would never trade anything in the world for her. I love her so much and I absolutely love how nice, kind, and generous people are to her. She can be annoying sometimes or even just a little obnoxious but no matter what is going on EVERYONE has time for her. This is what everyone should for the kids who are a little different than us. Raise your voice to people that judge others. You can make a big difference in our schools and communities.


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  1. Excellent post about how people treat your cousin. I have a cousin with cerebral palsy and his parents were told he would not live to a long age but he is now in his 40’s and is only now needing lots of extra help because of his fitting.

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