Famous American Food

In America, one of our most popular foods is french fries.  You can get them at any fast food restaurant.  When you go to a restaurant an order french fries, a medium box of french fries contains 17 grams of fat.  A McDonald’s restaurant uses 7% of United States potatoes to make french fries. French fries were introduced to the United States when Thomas Jefferson was president in 1801. Each year people eat around 16 pounds of french fries. That is a lot of french fries if you ask me. In 2007, 320 million tons of potatoes were produced. 2/3 of these potatoes were consumed of food. When eating french fries, your blood pressure can be lowered because of a chemical, kukoamines, in the potato. There’s different types of fries. There is curly, regular, stake, sweet potato, and waffle fries. You cook fries by deep frying them. They are most now for the “BFF” to ketchup.

picture by stu_spivack

picture by stu_spivack





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